Why Musikee is useful

Fans and artists&bands are two worlds that not only need to be connected: they should work together, side by side. Because they are each other’s force.

A common purpose to share

In fact hey have a common purpose: spread what they believe in and what they love. Every action performed by a fan — not only devotee, but also passionate and lovers of your music — is something that helps a musician.

Buying album, listening to the new song of a band on Spotify, talking about the band to his friends, going to a music gig and reporting it on social networks…

Fans literally help musicians and to succeed. In the economic aspect, but also in terms of visibility, expansion of the fanbase, promotion, new ideas and user generated content the communication initiatives. And above all else, to achieve the objective of every artist: communicate his music to as many people as possible.

A tecnical platform for a mutual gift

With Musikee help music, to obtain rewards, to enjoy and have fun it’s now possible! In addition:

  • If fans already do some kind of promotion, word of mouth and actions for the musician/band: every little action fans or music lovers do is now recognized and ordered according to true necessities of the artist. No fragmentation, no dispersion.
  • If fans know a musician/band but never do any kind of things for him (are you really sure? Also a song played on spotify is useful), they will be encouraged to do it by rewards and healty competition with their friends.
  • Democracy exist: the more missions and activites fans do for an artist/band, the more he/she is rewarded for his help!

With Musikee it’s cool to see that there’s a way to connect with your band or fans. It’s fun cause it’s almost like a game. Musikee accomplishes all that. I wish I had Musikee when I was younger and I was following my favorite band.

Maxx Danziger, drummer of Set It Off

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