Why connect official accounts

When you create a Musikee community you have to log in with your official Facebook page and Twitter, and give Musikee the permissions to operate with your accounts. Why Musikee is asking you this and what are the consequences? 

Musikee will not ever publish anything for you on Facebook or Twitter, neither save your data. The reasons why you have to connect your accounts are technical and related to the creation of your Musikee community:

  • To verify that the person who is creating the community have the authorization to do it or has been officially authorized (on Musikee there are only official communities).
  • To automatically set your profile and cover image – you will always be able to change it.
  • To set automatically your Spotify account during the registration process.
  • To create the default missions for you: we think it’s nice to jump into a brand new community with some missions ready to be checked and approved by you.

You can always modify, delete and add everything from the admin menu.




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