Who manages the communities

Every community on Musikee is official. This means that it is created by the artist/band himself OR the management OR by people who work directly in the staff of the artist (with the approval of the artist) and NOT by the fan or other unauthoruzed person. Who is really behind a Musikee community?

Create missions, approve and decline the proofs that fans upload – when the mission is not authomatic – invent creative strategies for promotion, add rewards and take note of the requests, answer messages and more in general check that everything is ok… Who deals with this? It depends from case to case. 


Who is the community admin?

The admin of the community can be:

  • The artist/the band himself
  • The manager 
  • The label (always according to the wishes of the artist/band)
  • The professional who manage the social networks of the artist, according to him
  • Who manage the promotion and marketing of the artist, according to him
  • Every other professional/direct collaborator of his staff
  • A fan that has particulary distinguished himself in the community, and has been chosen by the admin to help – always according to the wishes and the strategy of the artist and under his direct control.


Different admins, different powers

Furthermore, there could be more than one of this people (2 or plus admin) with different powers and tasks inside the community:

  • SUPERADMIN: has the power to create and set missions, approve or decline proofs, answer messages, create and manage rewards.
  • ADMIN WITH PARTIAL POWERS: they can only approve or decline proofs, or only answer messages. They are under the super admin.

Generally fans who manage the Musikee community as admin have partial powers. So they can help the artist, work together with his staff, and work by his side: but leave the decisions with more responsibility to the artist management.


If you are an artist/band go to your specific guidelines to more specific strategic details about how to admin your community, or to to the FAQ for ARTISTS to answer your tecnical questions.
If you are a fan go to your specific guidelines to know much more about how to become ad admin, to connect with admins. For the tecnical questions, such as time for approve your missions, please go to the FAQ for fans.

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