What is musikee

We bealive fans and street team could make the difference for artists and musicians.

Musikee is a platform direct-to-fans that offer allows musicians, artists and bands to transform the passion for music in concrete and targeted actions, and directly reward fans for their efforts.

The aim of Musikee is to involve admirers, fans, followers and activate their passion and interest in a way useful for the musical realities: in short, develop and coordinate music street and e-teams.

Artists, bands, labels, festivals, radio, music companies have specific needs and aims thats changes depending on a number of factors – kind of music, promotional objectives, stage of their careers, approach to their fandom.

Musikee is based on a missions-rewards mechanisms: fans join a the artist Musikee community and complete missions set by him for them. If the mission is correct and approved by the admin, the fan receives credits. This credits can be used to order the rewards that the artist made available for fans.

Action required by musicians, band and artists could be online of offline. Some of them are automated, some are not. Could be requested to spread the world online, make UGC (user generated content), buy album, document a concert, involve friends in some activity, stream a song

Schermata 2016-03-15 alle 18.25.34 Schermata 2016-03-15 alle 18.26.07 Examples of activities done by fans for their favourite band through Musikee

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