How Musikee works

With Musikee artists and bands are able to engage their fanbase through a missions-rewards mechanism.

MISSIONS: actions for fans.

The artist – musician, festival, radio – sets missions asking fans to do something for him in exchange for credits (K) to spend for the community rewards. They can be online or offline actions. The amount of credits (K) are arbitrarily determined at source by the artist, like the amount of credits for the rewards.


PROOFS: to prove missions are done correctly.

Once the missions have been done, fans prove that they have done it correctly: everything through Musikee. Some missions have automatic controls, and the credits (K) are automatically assigned. Other need to upload the proof and to be checked manually (normally within 48h). In any case, if the mission is well done fans get the credits associated, and the artist will have all the proofs at its disposal.

REWARDS: artist thanks fans for their actions.

Rewards are prizes that the artist – musician, festival, radio – make available for fans to thank them for their efforts. Rewards can be of different kinds: from merch to VIP tickets, from social thanks to a call from the artist. The amount of credits (K) for each reward is determined by the artist aka the admins of the community.


LEADERBOARD: who is the n1 fan?

For every action on the artist community fans gain credits (K) and Points (☆).

Credits (K) are virtual money with which fans can take artists’ rewards. Points (☆) are an indicator of the loyalty, the engagement and the efforts of the fan (they are gained thanks to missions and activities in the community).

Accumulating points fans cross over to the top of leaderboard, and their status change fromFan to Supporter, Enthusiast, Admirer, Loyal Follower, Believer, Devotee, Uber Fan, Evangelist, Fanatic, Addicted and,to the top level, One of the family!

gif leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a very useful tool for the creators of a community because it helps artists and bands to detect who are the most involved and passionate fans of the community. So if they want they can decide turn the most involved fans as admins (or partial admins with limitated autonomy) of the community, to work directly with them and better reach their fandom. A big opportunity for a fan!

For more specific details and needs about how it works please go to the FAQ for artist and bands – if you are an artist, band, festival, label, or the admin of a community – or FAQ for music fans if you wanna know more about Musikee as a music fan.

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