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Hi there! We’re so happy to welcome you to Musikee: the direct-to-fan platform for artist and fans especially built to make fans come closer to their favorite artists, work with them for their success and be rewarded for their job.

This Knowledge Base and support guide is for you. Become more familiar to Musikee, understand what is not clear, solve problems and get advices on how music world and fans can work together enjoy themselves through Musikee!

  • You can use the bar on the top of the page to search a key word for your question
  • You can navigate through the right section and discover useful information:
    • ACADEMY for ARTISTS: some useful pills and tricks to set, improve and boost your Musikee community to go straight to your fans in the better way! As you are an artist with a Musikee community, you will receive these pills in your email every 3 days, but you can read them all together here
    • FAQ for music fans: you’re a fan of an artist on Musikee, or simply a music lover; you don’t understand something or you just want to know more; see how and what you can do to get the rewards of your favourite artists and much more.
    • FAQ for artist and bands: you are an artist, a musician, a band, a radio, a festival, a music brand; you’ve already a Musikee community or if you are just curious or interested in exploring the platform. These Frequently Asked Question are for you!
  • If you don’t find what you are looking for, please just email us at [email protected]


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