Administer a community

In the process of creation of your Musikee community you simultaneously create your user account with a profile page. Your user account will be the admin of the community you created. 

Start to admin the community

When you land on your Musikee community page you don’t have to switch to an admin mode from your normal navigation into Musikee.


In Musikee free plan you can only have one user account set as the admin of the community: the one generated when you created the community. Make sure you are using that account to enter your community.


The user account created during the creation of your community is associated to your community. So start explore your dedicated menu admin!

Explore the menu Admin

This is the menu dedicated to the admin, visible only if you are the admin of the page. It is located on the bottom right, on the page of your community.

By clicking on it you can send and answer messages, change community info, create missions, create rewards, manage your orders).

Musikee menu admin


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