9. THE LEADERBOARD: the tools for identifying trusted collaborators

When a community grows there will be the need to manage missions, rewards and messages. Musikee gives you the ability to find inside your own community your potential collaborators measuring their involvement in the community activities. How? With the leaderboard!

IX. LEADERBOARD: the tools for identifying trusted collaborators.

Fans that correctly complete missions earn credits (K) and points (☆): the former can be gained and spent, the latter can be only accumulated.

With this mechanism, the most active and loyal fans gain more points (☆) than other users and they will automatically establish themselves in the highest positions of the fans’ leaderboard.  

The community admin in this way can easily identify the most trustworthy people in the highest position of the leaderboard. Thanks to the chat system on Musikee, the admin can contact the fan he wants to transform in an admin and decide if he really deserves the role.

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