8. WORD OF MOUTH: the best way to communicate your community

Once your community is public it’s time to spread the word of its existence.

Every fan of the world would like to visit a digital place where he can find passionate people like him, where he can exchange messages, comment and appreciate contents and at the same time do actions to support his favourite artist.

VIII. WORD OF MOUTH: the best way to communicate your community.

But first the fan should know that this musical world, your musical world, exits. How? Reading the news posted on your official social accounts, on your label’s ones, but also the communication published in the webzines, in the newspapers, in the specialist magazines, in your bio, in the description of your videoclip on YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Wherever your name is written there must be an icon or a link that redirect your fans to your community page on Musikee.

The communication efforts must be constant: it’s not enough to write a tweet or a post just in the moment of the publication, planning could help you to keep the attention high on your community and it will avoid the risk to don’t exploit in the best way the great potential of the platform.

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