7. ACCEPT OR DECLINE: the check of the missions

Active community is synonymous with missions to check.

VII. ACCEPT OR DECLINE: the check of the missions.

If missions have been set in the right way, fans, on average, will complete missions without doing mistakes. Whether proofs will be submitted correctly or that they will be partially or totally submitted in the wrong way, the admin has to check their validity.

A mission must be accepted if all proofs are correct and it must be declined if at least one of them is wrong. It’s not nice to decline a mission but the correct proceeding of a mission underpins the fair and meritocratic functioning of Musikee.

Maybe you’ll find yourself to decline missions for very little fans’ mistakes and this is the reason why  it’s important that, once the mission has been declined, you thank the fan and you ask him to try again, this time paying more attention to all the steps of the mission.

In this way the fan doesn’t risk to lose touch with the artist and he will be stimulated to do better the next time.

A little warning for admins that find themselves checking missions of fans that want to defraud the system: this kind of user uploads fake proofs, or worse, proofs stolen from other fans. In this case it’s even more important to decline the mission and to contact the user telling him that he got busted and that his behaviour is strongly negative and damaging both for him and for the artist.

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