4. THE REWARD: not a simple prize

A reward available on a Musikee community isn’t a simple prize: it is a powerful tool that the artist uses for involving and gratifying the fan.

IV. THE REWARD: not a simple prize.

A fan that joins a Musikee community is conscious that the artist needs his support for spreading his music. The fan on Musikee isn’t only a passionate fan, he is an active person ready to do actions in the name of his favorite artist.

In line with this thinking, the artist should make available in his community some special rewards.

To allow the increasing number of fans to receive at least a reward for their efforts, not all the rewards should be too much expensive (in terms of money and/or credits K) or restricted in their availability.

The last tip about the strategic setting of the community rewards’ list is to make available some very special or exclusive reward: a signed copy of the album, an exclusive pre-order of the album on Musikee, the t-shirt that the artist wore during the last concert, etc.

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