10. MERCH & VIP TICKETS: your community is also your online store

In the number of tools that Musikee disposes to involve and coordinate the artists’ fan-bases, there is one very interesting that gives you the opportunity to sell your merch and your ticket directly in the community to your target: the rewards.

X. MERCH & VIP TICKET: your community is also your online store.

On Musikee you can choose all the core variables of the sales – time, quantity, target, availability – and more over, it allows you to differentiate the prices of each reward (physical, digital, intangible) in three different ways:

  1. Only credits (K)
  2. Money + Credits (K)
  3. Only Money

On monetary transactions will be applied a different percentage fee on the final price depending on the nature of the product.

  • 10% physical product
  • 15% digital product

If in a community there are more than one merchant there is the possibility to create groups of stakeholders called Organizations that will manage only the rewards related to them and that will receive only notifications about what they control.

If you want to know more about the merch and the VIP ticket sales and abut the Organizations please contact the Musikee team.

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