Administer a community

In the process of creation of your Musikee community you simultaneously create your user account with a profile page. Your user account will be the admin of the community you created.  Start to admin the community When you land on your Musikee community page you don’t have to switch to an admin mode from your normal navigation […]

Why connect official accounts

When you create a Musikee community you have to log in with your official Facebook page and Twitter, and give Musikee the permissions to operate with your accounts. Why Musikee is asking you this and what are the consequences?  Musikee will not ever publish anything for you on Facebook or Twitter, neither save your […]

Who manages the communities

Every community on Musikee is official. This means that it is created by the artist/band himself OR the management OR by people who work directly in the staff of the artist (with the approval of the artist) and NOT by the fan or other unauthoruzed person. Who is really behind a […]

Why Musikee is useful

Fans and artists&bands are two worlds that not only need to be connected: they should work together, side by side. Because they are each other’s force. A common purpose to share In fact hey have a common purpose: spread what they believe in and what they love. Every action performed by […]